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Well I am not really sure what to do with myself. Which is why I'm writing this. I'm a bit stuck with where to begin.

My room is a mess. I never really feel that productive in it, not properly productive. Maybe I should clear it up. Not decorate it. That's for long staying and I plan to be on my own... that's it. My plan is to have a flat of my own by the end of the year. Ambitious considering I haven't got a job and a tad foolish if I don't start applying right now but I'll make it nonetheless. That is my goal. And I will remind myself of it if I get a bit stuck with what to do next and find myself lazing around like a buffoon.

I don't really feel good about lazing around. Makes me feel like a slob. Eating not very good stuff makes me feel like that as well. I don't have junk food but I also don't eat fruit and vegetables. I might look up some vegetable concoction in a cookery book and try and make something.

The thing that is bothering me a bit (and which I think is causing me to procrastinate so much now) is a job interview I got yesterday at the Jobcentre. It's at 21:00 for night shift work. Now normally I wouldn't go for a position like that (I prefer the day) but I thought maybe yes. I completely forgot that I had booked to see Atlas Sound on the same date. With a job whose hours I already am not sure about, I don't think I'll be going. I phoned up and said so though there seemed to be a problem with cancelling it - my jobs advisor wanted me to take it. And I'm kind of torn about it despite making up my mind. £12.50 is a lot of money to piss down the drain for a job I might not even get... but then again if I do get it I could get a job. That's the £12.50 already compensated. Also I think it is likely I will have my benefits cut if I don't attend...

Yes, I think that is the reason I've been moping around.


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Joseph Wright
United Kingdom
I'm a 20 year old music fanatic who is unemployed. My favourite genres of music are black metal, noise, electronic and folk.

Favourite genre of music: currently Noise
Favourite cartoon character: Rukia of Bleach, though she's Manga/Anime

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DGIConcepts 19 hours ago  New member Professional Photographer
out the BILLIONS of "Nude" pics on DA you pick MINE for that thread? ROFLMAO but I'm flattered :) (Smile)
OP was talking about front page so I picked a random recent one.
DGIConcepts 2 hours ago  New member Professional Photographer
mmorpger Jul 23, 2012  Student Writer
"Um, yes it does touch that subject. OP specifically says about being unable to get off. So do you I recall. Something bonds of social interaction. Is that not value of a computer on a person's life?"

No. It's not. Valuing the computer is entirely different from valuing what it connects you to.
Tsk. Irrelevant. It all comes down to placing a too high value in something. Whether this be the technology or the so called "socializing" who can say but it is not good to place so much value in such.
Value in connection? The person should have connection in real life.
mmorpger Jul 24, 2012  Student Writer
Actually, it's funny, but, you and your opinion aren't the yardstick by which the value of something is judged. And, as if that weren't enough, you seem to 'humorously' overlook the fact that, in every suicidal situation, there are always multiple factors. And this usually includes some form of attachment to security -- like the security provided by a social network online. And, furthermore, there is no reason for you to assume that internet socialization is any less inherently valuable to some people than real life socialization is (socialization which, by the way, may be threatening, steeped in abuse, and/or may plague a victim of social anxiety.) What was that about irrelevance again?
Well if you feel intimidated by another opinion you could just say.
Internet socialising isn't socialising at all. Not being on a forum it isn't. I'm not socialising with you. Anyone who thinks I'm socialising now by writing down words to basically in most cases a 50x50 icon has a very funny idea of what actual socializing is.
Is this how we're going to raise the next generation? To be a bunch of neurotics who all rely on their own little delusional world in the net? Really?
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Silver786 Jul 11, 2012  Student Writer
Just wanted to say that my thread on DA wasn't an advertising ( I'm not the author ) and that I found your reaction very friendly.
Hmm? If there's anyone's page you should write on it should be the volunteer who locked it.

...and are you being sarcastic with me?
Butthurt loser, learn to troll. At least troll me like you're 12. Seriously. What is it, amateur night?
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